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Everyone must register their kart number. If your number has already been registered by another participant during the season, you may have to select an alternate number. No letters are allowed, unless an exception is requested from, and granted by, the series director. Number registration is good for the current racing season.

Each driver must register at the registration table, and draw a pill. In addition, each racer must bring one gallon of fuel with him/her to registration.

The minimum driver age to compete is 15 years old. If series director determines that a driver, regardless of age, would benefit from more experience, he/she may be required to start all races (heat and/or feature) at the rear until such time as the race director determines that the racer appears to be more consistent and confident with his/her machine.

  Prior to being allowed to register, all champ karts applying to participate must pass an approved safety inspection to determine that the following equipment and conditions exist. All safety equipment must be operational. All determinations about whether equipment, including drivers' equipment, compliance with these safety rules shall be the sole determination of the supervisors.
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SECKS variance from WKA rules



All karts must pass through safety tech prior to racing. WKA champ kart and engine (Briggs flatheads only) rules will be in effect, unless specified below.

A Wolf Plate is mandatory.

All header pipes must be fully wrapped, with "header wrap". It is not necessary to wrap a muffler (if utilized).

All drivers must have, at a minimum, a full SFI (fire-rated) fire suit.  The suit may be one, or two-piece.  Any SFI-rating is allowable.  The tag(s) must be visible, to easily identify the SFI rating. 

All karts must have clearly contrasting #’s and be easy to read. Two number panels must be hung from the upper frame rails, on both sides.  BRIGHT contrasting numbers are encouraged.  Failure to use two panels may result in disqualification of your vehicle.

Only senior champ kart frames are allowed (no Jr. Sportsman). Although a WKA "tag" is not required for an older frame, no structural modifications are allowed from the original design. Champ kart frames must meet all other WKA specification requirements.

Effective with the March 13, 2010 race, all noses must measure a minimum of 16 inches, as measured from the floorpan, to the top rearward center edge of the nose.  No additional pieces can be added to the rearward center of the nose, to make it higher.   The rearward edge of the nose must remain unaltered, as received from the manufacturer.  

All karts must have a full 5-point harness (shoulder, lap and submarine belts). In addition, all champ karts must utilize arm restraints. Failure to connect the arm restraints prior to entering the racing surface may result in disqualification and/or suspension. In addition, any attempt to disconnect or loosen one, or both, arm restraints during a race may result in disqualification and/or suspension.

All champ karts must utilize a helmet net on the left side of the kart, AND a head restraint device. For more information regarding these required devices, please visit the series website at: www.secksracing.com


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